Thursday, December 10, 2009

Deez Nutz

Here are the works of fiction that I submitted for my grad school applications. I figured it was weird that not many people have seen much of the stuff I've written in the past two years or so, as I'm like "banking" on it to get me into an MFA program. I haven't posted anything online in a while because I feel like it would be kind of a drag to be posting prose on Facebook all the time and thereby sort of psychically pressuring people to read them and tell me how great they thought it all was. At the same time I would seem kind of insane if I went around talking about how I'm trying to go to school for "Creative Writing" without publicly evidencing that I have any business doing so. And besides, now that I've sent all this stuff in already, I don't need anyone to read it for me or anything. I hope you enjoy it, though.

Lexington Steele in Billy-Crystal

The Minnesota Iceman

It's Different for Girls

Breakin' the Law

You Get the Best of My Love

The Lit Class Discussion at the End of the World

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