Thursday, February 18, 2010


'iMussolini' iPhone App Rules Italian App Store With Iron Fist

Well certainly there's not no explanation, in fact I feel kind of bad for posting this without even a concise contextual summary of contemporary and historical Italy, etc., as if the article merely represented the chaos of our technological era... in fact this post, and the article I've linked to are probably better representations of that kind of fragmentation, confusion and fear... I think maybe we should think of it as more of a parallel to our own country, how people long for the comforting sounds of an idiotic fascist when times get tough but they do not at the time themselves have an idiotic fascist in power... am I right?

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  1. Nostalgia... Eh, I mean I'm still leaving the possibility open that they might just be a few steps ahead of us. I mean whose to say this is a "serious" matter? Maybe they can just laugh about it a little bit better than we can.

    I mean iPhone apps, really?

    Everyone around here is so PC man, it makes me sick. I wish I had an iPhone with an iMussolini app.