Friday, April 9, 2010

Fuck It.

Obviously it's still awful in an unparalleled way, but wouldn't you say their music has become more "listenable" (not necessarily better or even less awful) since their early years, which years are exemplified (in my lay non-Juggalo mind) by whatever song it was about "fried chicken" or whatever that made me turn off and not finish the documentary I was watching about them and their fans, I mean I honestly couldn't even finish watching what was turning out to be a pretty fascinating documentary because the music was actually so un-listenable? Is it the listenability that has turned them from something that one could actually call somewhat threatening and edgy and kind of scary into something much more hilarious than any intentional parody or self-parody could ever produce? Likely it's not just that, but also the newfound apparent positivity and granolaishness that seems to happen to every band that stages outdoor concerts. Their smug, confused equating of "15,000 juggalos all in one room" to the wonder and glory of nature offers a hint as to what the deal is with that effect. They're not nihilists anymore because they're so proud of themselves for being good businessmen.


  1. I think you've saved the blog Nate. Well done.

  2. i think the moment at 2.52......"magic everywhere in this bitch" is the a good example of your points.

  3. No Chris... the Insane Clown Posse saved the blog.