Thursday, October 21, 2010

nah you don't really have to sit through it all but u know


  1. For starcraft 1, my friend and I made this map called "medic madness". Madness maps were these shitty maps everyone played where each player would get continuously respawning free units. Each player would proceed to send these units into the center of the map to "fight it out". They were random and stupid. Medic madness was a protest - each player would spawn only medics, who had no ability to attack each other. Sending your units into the center of the map resulted in the death of that unit. We kept adding to the map (things like a small looping segment of queen's "bicycle race" and other bullshit) until the map was buggy and error prone as hell. If you typed a curse word while playing, text would appear on screen for all players insulting you. Anyway, everyone hated it, we played it all the time and would lie about how awesome it was on

  2. my friend bobby also made another one of these madness maps called "bobby's RIGGED madness", where he would get way more powerful units than everyone else. people would usually quit as soon as they realized this, but he proceeded to play it all the time.