Saturday, May 7, 2011

pampas rock

I saw the set from Montgomery and I new the Mobile show was going to rock and it did. I am completely in ah of this band. I have been watching this band live since the AM days at First Avenue but I am sad to say that I am done with Wilco. It is not because of the band. They have just gotten better over time. I even brought my brother to the show who isn't a follower of Wilco and he couldn't believe what he has been missing out on. I am saying goodbye because of a few pampas Wilco fans. I stood up to rock during the show, like you should during a rock concert and few fans behind me threw things at me because I was standing up. I couldn't believe it so I sat down for the rest of the concert while all the other people started to stand up. This is my second show in Mobile and the first show was even worse because nobody stood up.
The only time I have thrown things at people is in a snow ball fight. I can't believe that people have the nerve to throw things at other people who are standing up at a rock concert. This band got its start by playing to crowds that stood the whole time. I have watched Wilco many times (First Avenue, The Orpheam in Minneapolis and The University of Montana Ballroom) and I have stood the whole time. I can't just sit and watch this band while they rock the cowbell so I will say goodbye to Wilco because of a few pampas fans that would rather text than stand up at a rock concert.

- sergio

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