Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shadow Cities

Maybe you already know about this but I just heard about "Shadow Cities" yesterday. It was described to me as a multiplayer game for the iphone where you assume the role of a mage and cast spells by writing symbols or "runes" onto the screen of your phone. Your physical location is taken into account with the gameplay and your goal is to become the most powerful mage in your neighborhood by completing quests and doing battle with mages from opposing sects. Not that I think I'll have the time to try it out in the near future, but it seems like an inevitable, potentially addictive development in mobile device gaming and the whole MMORPG scene. The New York Times recently did an enthusiastic writeup on it, but for more nuts and bolts "Gamezebo" has a pretty decent getting started guidethat gives some idea of the gameplay as well as a more critical review. There is a trailer for the game up on youtube but it's pretty cheesy and mostly useless.


  1. Yeah, this looks pretty enticing

  2. Sounds like World of Warcraft for the iPhone...