Monday, September 14, 2009

Am I Gay or Is This Kind of Awesome?

Lady Gaga's performace at the VMAs. For a moment it made me feel so pre-9/11.


  1. For most of it I thought she was lip syncing...poorly. Then by the end she moved her mouth away from the mic and you could kind of tell she was singing? Or maybe not? That's basically what I was focusing because it wasn't a good song or interesting dancing until that dancer came out in a wheel chair. I was intrigued. A few questions went through my mind for the next couple frames... What does a wheel chair have to do with Phantom of the Opera? Why does she think her big ugly boot will cover her not really playing the piano? Why is she bleedi...

    and then I got it. It was like a religious experience. I'm guessing it was similar to finding Jesus.

  2. well, pre 911 in the sense that a pop star is having a legitimately moving effect, but its because shes getting the feeling for post 911. Yeah?

  3. i mean, i really cant stop watching it.