Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fed the Buzz

Hey guys Lexy just showed me these videos in this order and it was a good ride so I thought I'd share:

I'm not always the biggest fan of CNN but they're on point here.

This is the vibe of my anxiety attack monday. I feel (felt?) like I grew up around a lot of... or mostly these people. I think I know them pretty well. . . in peace and war.
I like the guy with the cross.

And then she helped "lighten the mood" (and boy do I need it after that) with these:

There are a couple more dancing babies at BuzzFeed. In fact, we watched all of these videos on BuzzFeed. I think I need to make better use of that site.


  1. i don't know whether to be horrified or heart-warmed. I'm feeling such contrasting emotions because of all of these, together.

  2. The guy with the cross is great...