Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Artist Profile: James Kuhn

" If you want to make art of any kind, you must be creative. If you want to go where no man has gone before, you must be radically inventive! Push, push, push! into your unknown. Stretch the borders of your comfort zone and allow yourself to be uncomfortable and vulnerable. In art, fear is your friend - It is your geiger counter. If you are not a little bit afraid, then you might as well stop wasting paper and paint! Fearlessness in the face of fear separates the men from the boys, the hobbyist'ss from the true innovators. True art is original and thought provoking, it can bring you to tears or make you laugh, and it can disturb you, but what disturbed you yesterday quickly becomes commonplace and old hat. You must continually move forward into the new. " - James Kuhn

Other Works:

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