Thursday, November 12, 2009

AP Wacky News: Street Justice Served

(Photograph acquired through a google image search of "richmond bum")
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) A Richmond man will have to live more than a month in one of his neglected rental houses as punishment for failing to maintain his properties. Oliver Lawrence was sentenced Monday to 30 days in jail, followed by 40 days in home incarceration at a small, single-story house owned by his company, Bayou Properties. He also was fined more than $177,000.

Lawrence was convicted on more than 180 property-maintance violations.

Until recently, the house was unsecured and had a shed littered with needles, other drug paraphernalia and feces, according to a city inspector.

Richmond officials have been fighting with Lawrence over the condition of his properties for more than two years. He owns 150 to 300 properties, according to city estimates.

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