Monday, November 30, 2009

Eno's What He's Talking About

"The Death of Uncool" by Brian Eno

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  1. Man this is so on point. Just the other day I was dwelling on this as I can from time to time and not coming to the pretty brief and definitive conclusion that he does in two paragraphs. It is ok I guess, and I guess we all should have faith that it will in the end be a good thing. I'm not sure that I'm ready to "feel" that way yet, but I guess I could get myself to a point of actually "thinking" it.

    Brian Eno loves the internet... I guess I should've seen that one coming.

    Then again, do I really want to share the same worldview as Brian Eno? I mean what he produces is beautiful, but do I really want to be that close. Is it even human to be that close? I don't know, either way this has sufficiently sidetracked me from writing a paper on Hunter S. Thompson's outlook on Black America in the early 1970's. Thanks Nate.

    This is a weird place to be in...