Friday, August 6, 2010

Merde Allegro non troppo On Fantasia!!!!! ,or Di Allegro merde di Troppo non sulla fantasia!!!!!!!

Don't know if you any of you guys have seen or heard of this one, but I watched it last night and it's pretty good. If you want a healthy does of easy to swallow modern classical foreign psychedelia with a pretty severe twist of self deprecating reflexivity then this ones for you. The ending is pretty brutal for a film that is said to be a reaction piece to Walt Disney's Fantasia, but I guess it's deserved. I mean none of it is really anything that we don't already know or take for granted, but timing I suspect is somewhat relevant to it's magnetism. Wikipedia apparently thinks it's either a parody, or a challenge to Fantasia, but I'm not so sure either of those categories really fits the bill. The film definitely has teeth, but I'm not so sure that they're straight enough to be challenging, or soft enough to be parodying. If anything they seem to be some razor sharp crooked jagged motherfuckers that obviously have some childhood issues ol' Walt that they never really got over. Either way it seems to me, to be a film worth seeing.

Here's a pretty tame sequence that's heavy on "big picture of it all" stoner appreciation and lite on the self-aware shitfest, but I think it'll give a good idea of what it's about.

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