Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Since then, I've done it many times, most notably on September 11, 2001, when I went into the middle world to the site of the World Trade Center on the night of the tragedy. I traveled just below the upper world; and saw the grid separating the upper world from the Earth (the Christ Consciousness Grid/Plume of Quetzalcoatl). It was extremely unstable and bright from all the souls released by the event and humankind's global intent powering it up through prayer and emotion.

At the site, I saw the bright lights and dust hanging as in the TV pictures; but I could not see the human rescuers. They were like ghosts, blurred. The souls of the dead were like live bodies, in sharp focus. Many of the souls were standing around dazed or wandering around; most I saw were curled up like they were asleep. They didn't want to see their surroundings or acknowledge their reality. There were beings from other dimensions observing; some helping.

I tried alternating my drumming through my heart and crown chakras to orient them toward the light. Energy from my crown chakra was shooting up into the light. I saw many go toward the light along my drumming; but many more either wouldn't get up or wake up or were wandering aimlessly. I spoke to many. So many souls were there, in various states of dazed and confused awareness: it was overwhelming.

That was the first night. The second night was easier. I drummed and my helping spirits met me there, where they stayed behind. They were ministering to the dead and dying. I got to stay pretty much in my body, at interface with one of my helping spirits who showed me through his eyes what was going on. My drummer gave power to them and provided an impulse toward the Christ Consciousness Grid. I was both there and at home in consciousness at the time; able to ground better and hold a beacon of drumming light toward the light stable.

The third evening, I rested. Each day I had worked and each evening I had drummed, and then continued the healing work while sleeping, working all night in my dream state helping souls toward the light; so that I was feeling exhausted.

Interestingly, each morning when I awoke, I felt as if I were covered in dust, my face and hands thick with it. Each morning in the shower I had to wash this chalky, dry energetic debris off me.

As I went to bed the third night, I prayed: "Please, Creator, angels, guides, helping spirits, let me rest tonight," as I was very tired. But a familiar voice full of gentle love and light said: "We need you. Can't you come?"

And I smiled just before drifting off and said, "yes." I awoke the next day covered in dust again.


excerpt from Reiki Shamanism: A Guide to Out-of-Body Healing by Jim Pathfinder Ewing

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