Sunday, January 2, 2011

hockey fights

What an anomaly in modern sports. I can't really reconcile it's purpose, justification, or continued existence. I mean we are all still animals, but really? I've often enjoyed the idea and context that in American Football all of the athletes energy and purpose is driven towards an intended and precise level of physical contact, whereas Soccer in opposition requires a mastering of restraint and control away from such contact. But here? What is this? What purpose? I mean I guess this sort of thing like a lot of very distant topics "got big in the 90's" But weren't we all a lot more bored then? Is this just the same sort of enjoyable interruption as the random fan off in the stands responding to e-mails on his smartphone? Don't we pay good money for this stuff? I mean did these people really get their's worth? About 3/4th the way through you can actually start to see the attention disorders kick in. Are they still interested? Sure their still standing, but it's not a wild Roman mob anymore. It's a VCU basketball game.

I mean I guess I just don't get it, that's all. Maybe one day Sepie could help me understand.

I dunno.

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