Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Today Show

So, it should prefaced that I need help, and I probably should just turn the damn thing off, but Nathaniel "Sean John" Waggoner prodded me to do a post regarding my recent forced experiences with NBC's morning program "The Today Show" while working the morning shifts at Strawberry Street. To quote: "It should be filled with all sorts of your bile".

Today, on The Today Show Anne Curry (from a pretty universal western perspective) ridiculed, scolded, and attempted to smash the dreams of a 16-year old Floridian boy who I think quite objectively could be "unique" if not even "spirited". Maybe you guys have already heard about his "antics" down in the U.S. tropics but in case you haven't, Nicolas Harrington and his "cohorts" on New Years Eve set fire to his fathers grand piano. The piano (originally acquired thanks to his fathers connections as a production designer on the Stephen Williams approved, and recommended series Burn Notice) was then loaded onto the family boat, driven out into middle of an "un-reported" Florida bay, and left to wash away on a sandbar. Now to some this act would instantly register as some sort of disposable art-piece, but of course not to Anne Curry and the rest of The Today Show assholes. Instead of commending the obviously ingenuitive and inspired youth in question Ann Curry and the rest of the gang decided to label Harrington as a prankster and imply that he very soon could be a felon for his actions. Nice.

What is wrong with these fucking people. For god's sake. Just yesterday they aired a segment about our countries youth and how peripheral devices, and video game consoles could almost clinically be labeled as an addiction for most. Why is it when a unique case of individuality comes along in the form of a 16-year old the same voices choose to shit on him? I mean who are these animals? I've watched too many episodes of Maury, and an even greater number of Jerry Springer episodes lately to not frame my view of The Today Show in similar ways. They all want to show you a glimpse of the world as they see it. They all want to offer some sort of tailored POV of our culture. The only difference to be found is that Springer,and Maury know that they're trash, they know that they're the carnival, and they're fine with it. It's arrogance, and denial of The Today Show that has really gotten to me. Maybe it's warranted. I mean half of this country still probably think that they give them "real news", but at what point do the Soccer Moms and innocent Buffett fans realize that their world view is fucked. At what point do they find a point of contention that leaves a sour taste in their mouths? It's gonna happen sooner or later and this piano thing has to have been one of them for at least a few idiots out there.

I thought they had hit a low last week when Ann Curry was granted all of her wishes, and got to "live out her dreams on-air". Do I need to go into anymore detail on that one? Why in the fuck would I want to see Ann Curry "live out her dreams on-air"? Do I like having shit rubbed in my face? It's just pure insanity that there are people out there sitting sipping their coffee ignoring the real blessings (and terrors) they have in their owns lives so they can watch Ann Curry play in a marching band. I mean doesn't she have enough already? Do the rich always get richer? I guess it's fine if she and Matt Lauer are unaware of it, but how could you ever even ponder if they are. They have to know whats up because they've got the formula down so well. They love being assholes, because that's what they're good at! That's how they got the job! It all seems to be a fucking game to them, and they're having such a good time doing it. It's not like the network that employs them used to actually deliver "real news". I mean I guess I could understand a level of guilt there, but how do you continue walking down that path? Money? Probably. It's not as if they're all laughing, though. Al Roker, that poor son of a bitch. He has no idea. Every week features almost regularly Al Roker dying on-air. Hey there's a deadly blizzard headed for Boston! Send the black guy there!!! The guy for years now has honed in his skill with such phrases as "Sunday! Sunday!! SUNDAY!!!" or "Here's Whats Happening In Your Neck-of-the-woods", or "It's fucking terrible out here Matt, HELP ME!!!" And to all of these there is a sly smirk from the rest of them and a wink and a nod that the idiot will never learn. Heartbreaking.

So to return to Nicolas Harrington's Piano. I guess it should as no surprise that the folks over at NBC would look at his work with about the same frame of mind as the local archetypical High School Football coach. Everything would of course be seen within the common structures of purpose, practicality, the green movement, and law and justice. There is of course no room for "Art" and "Honesty" in any of that really so I guess I'm blowing a lot of hot air for nothing, but what happened today actually makes me really sad, because I know that kid. I know feeling things, and thinking things that are "right" and having external "rational" and "responsible" forces telling you (or even worse, making you feel) that what you think/feel is wrong. I know that kid, that can't describe for lack of a more expressive vocabulary and self-confidence what really drives his actions. I probably was that kid in some ways, but I of course never did anything so great as to burn my dads piano, lug it out onto a sandbar, and leave it to wash away. This kid did, and he deserves support for such "insanity" when acted upon. Our culture is probably dying in some ways and more and more I think people like Ann Curry want it to. Maybe she's just stupid and hasn't ever had a night of heavy drinking, but I think you learn from such stupidity.

I hope Nicolas Harrington gets into the best art school he can, and continues with his "pranks".

Edit: Enjoy your one-minute fucking commercial with this clip --Nate

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  1. sorry, i don't understand... did this kid make a youtube video or something? did he tweet about the whole thing? How is this news? the Today show makes my skin crawl ... and to condemn a teenager for some bullshit like that on national television seems extreme and unnecessary... then again so are this guys' actions... just wtf all over the face of this thing man.

  2. I guess this kid's local community, authorities, local news, etc. all were confused as to what this burned out piano was on the sandbar of their bay, and wanted to know who did it. The kid put posted a youtube video, and I guess took credit publicly.

    I mean you know I just throw my hands up in the air on most of this stuff anymore, but this one was just really intolerable. I really don't watch much TV anymore outside of the Market, but when I'm there it's just really bad.