Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Cruise

"I think that the great tour guides of Apple tours, y'know, in that sense, would've been Spartacus... y'know, Spartacus was one of the great tour guides of the ancient world. He would have fit in at Apple Tours. Um, Brutus and his conspirators right before the assassination of Caesar, they were Apple tour guides. But, ah, like, Willy Wonka is a Greyline tour guide. Also one of my great inspirations on the tour route, but that's the difference right there.
"Attilla the Hun would've been a good Apple dispatcher. Whereas Virgil in the 'Iferno' would have worked for Greyline."

Tour guide / poet Timothy "Speed" Levitch was also the voice of Puggler, the punk-rock juggler on Xavier: Renegade Angel. The documentary about Levitch, "The Cruise," from which the above quote is probably one of its least amazing, is available on Netflix Watch Instantly.

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