Thursday, November 18, 2010


Any acknowledgment of the more obvious irony of this spot is out of the question: obviously something this dumb didn't get made by accident. Remember Don Draper's letter to the New York Times?
That said: did The Situation write his own lines for this, or even improvise? Did someone get paid to play Mad Libs where you replace "situation" with every noun or adjective?
Also, I think it's interesting that it's two people who are famous, or infamous, not just for doing something bad, like famous criminals, which would be funny, but for doing very normal, only sort-of bad things. Lots of people get pregnant before they're ready, and lots of people spend their twenties GTLing, working at a gelato place, and smashing grenades in public restrooms. But only a few people get to be famous for it.
Finally, this guy is awesome:


  1. It's genius, though - who wouldn't be moved to practice abstinence after considering the posibility of releasing human beings such as these into the universe?

  2. Thats actually a really good point Jonathan!