Thursday, November 18, 2010


The storyline as IMDB puts it:

"A solitary man who does not speak Spanish is an underground courier. Two men who are both thuggish and philosophical send him to Madrid with cryptic instructions. Over the course of a few days, he receives his instructions from a series of distinctive individuals who provide words of philosophy or of warning and also give him a matchbox with a tiny piece of paper, which he reads then eats, accompanied by espresso served in two cups. He is quiet, self-contained, focused on his work. He has rules. He encounters and at times transmits a violin, diamonds, a guitar, and a map. Is he a smuggler? Merely an independent conduit? Or, something else?" Written by

also, christopher doyle does the cinematography so, like damn.... right?

yeah yeah i know, of course i would be about this but i swear...

just make sure you're feeling patient enough for jarmusch when you do
also, i highly recommend that you avoid the trailer before seeing the movie.

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