Monday, March 21, 2011

A Failed Entertainment

Stephen and I went to see this at the Fine Arts Building on Broad today, its last day in town.
Too bad nobody attempted this one:
"The Joke" - B.S. Latrodectus Mactans Productions. Audience as reflected cast; 35 mm x 2 cameras; variable length; black and white; silent. Parody of Hollis Frampton's 'audience-specific events,' two Ikegami EC-35 video cameras in the theater record the 'film's' audience and project the resultant raster onto screen - the theater audience watching itself watch itself get the obvious 'joke' and become increasingly self-conscious and uncomfortable and hostile supposedly comprises the film's involuted 'anti-narrative' flow. Incadenza'a first truly controversial project, Film & Kartridge Kultcher's Sperber credited it with 'unwittingly sounding the death-knell of post-poststructual film in terms of sheer annoyance.' NON-RECORDED MAGNETIC VIDEO SCREENABLE IN THEATER VENUE ONLY, NOW UNRELEASED

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