Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Dream of Sheen

The other night I dreamt that I went on a long drive through the night with Charlie Sheen. I have no idea why Sheen specifically managed to manifest himself into my mind in such a state, but I usually just try to accept these things as they are. That being said though, I don't normally dream in this way. I don't normally remember my dreams and when I do, figures usually don't come in such a mold.

It was a brisk night, I could feel it intensely on the skin of my arms. I could feel the coolness of breeze cutting against the warmth of the tropical night. It was normal. It was dark, but lit ever so lightly by a sort-of nondescript distilled bluish tone. The light emanated rather beat, and you could see it's luminescence especially clear in the thinner portions of the palm trees. This was not so normal, and I'm not sure what it means.

We walked out of the resort and got into the car. It was some sort Ford, maybe a Bronco? The seats were worn red leather, and the stereo-deck was 'tapes only'. We didn't put anything on, as up to this point we both hadn't said anything, and I don't remember there being any tapes in the glovebox. The dialogue commenced but for the most part I can't remember what exactly was said. A lot of fuzziness here, what's more important was the feeling. The car sped down a two lane road in the night. The palm trees blurred by only capturing still imagery when focused on in specific points while above the stars remained completely still, almost dead. The stars were almost dead. Around this time is when I remember Sheen asking me how old I was and I responded "almost 25". At that he told me I "didn't need to stress" and that life would move "for me and with me". He told me that I had "a long time to go and that I would fade", he reminded me that he wouldn't and soon he'd be gone, but up to that point he had "lived quite peacefully" The most resonating point I remember in our talk was that he said that "insanity hadn't visited my doorstep" until he was "on the morning shows".

From then I don't think anything else was said. Sheen continued to drive, he was driving, did I mention that? We pulled back up to the roundabout of the resort and entered the lobby. From there we separated. On one end of the room stood everyone here, on this blog, plus Jackie P, Starbuck, and some sort of faceless man. He had a face, this is nothing that visually disturbing, but I can't place or remember who it was? I feel like it might have my father, or Jay maybe? I don't know, but at any rate Sheen had awaiting his arrival a group of women all dressed (somehow obviously non-corodinated) in white. They all seemed to welcome his arrival and followed as he walked into the adjacent hall and disappeared from view.

This all somehow made me at least for a morning feel really good about where I'm at. Whether that's the correct reaction to all of this, I don't know but I feel OK.


  1. I really wish TLJ recounted this dream at the end of "No Country for Old Men."

  2. "I knew that whenever I got there, Sheen would be there."