Friday, March 4, 2011

Serial Comic Books to Follow at the Moment

If you're so inclined:

1. Batman Incorporated and Detective Comics

Bruce Wayne decided to announce to the public that he is "working closely with" Batman, in order to go around the world finding worthy candidates and training them to be Batmen, in the name of taking his style of justice global. Dick Greyson holds down the fort as Batman in Gotham with Wayne's illegitimate son as Robin. Grant Morrison (Arkham Asylum, All-Star Superman, The Filth) is the head writer on Incorporated.

2. Scalped
A gritty crime drama set on a hellishly depicted present-day Indian reservation. Written by Jason Aaron.

3. Rasl
Alternate dimensions and shit. From Jeff Smith, the writer / illustrator of Bone, which I read a lot as a kid.

4. Boy's Club Five funny animal friends smoke weed and spout catch phrases. Written and illustrated by Matt Furie.

5. Neonomicon
An FBI agent and recovering sex addict uncovers an underground world of depraved H.P. Lovecraft-worshipers. Written by Alan Moore (The Watchmen, From Hell.)

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  1. From my perspective; physical to pixels. Thanks for the round-up.