Friday, August 28, 2009

Famous Last Words, Part 2

"Please don't leave me. Please don't leave me."
-Chris Farley, to a prostitute as she left his hotel room following a weekend-long drug and sex binge. When she turned around, Farley had collapsed.

"Hey, fellas! How about this for a headline for tomorrow's paper? 'French Fries'!"
-James French, convicted murderer in the electric chair. He shouted these words to members of the press who were to witness his execution.

"Nobody shot me."
-Frank "Tight Lips" Gusenberg, American mobster murdered as part of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

"Ich bin Heinrich Himmler."
-Heinrich Himmler

"Order A.P. Hill to prepare for action! Pass the infantry to the front rapidly! Tell Major Hawks--" [trails off, then smiles] "Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees."
-Stonewall Jackson, in a fever-induced delusion that he was still leading an army

"Does nobody understand?"
-James Joyce

"I wish I could go with you."
-Walt Kelly, to his wife as she went to go get coffee

"No, you certainly can't."
-JFK, in response to "You certainly can't say that the people of Dallas haven't given you a nice welcome, Mr. President."

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