Saturday, August 22, 2009


I was surprised and excited to find out that we got our first outside reader comment a few hours ago from someone named Susan. This excitement has evolved into a completely imystifying experience. . . so Susan, whoever you are (or whatever?), I hope you don't mind if I invade your "privacy" for a sec as I catalogue this moment for the sake of "Knowledge."

So, in response to Nate's last post Susan writes:

A little while later my girlfriend calls and I mention the comment to her. While I do this I also check out Susan's profile which looks like this:

"Microsoft Word Software" is an odd name for a personal blog, but I dug it so I check it out. The blog is styled by what I think is a "minima" template and is ad-free. The words I read there basically blow my mind )despite the cliche( . This is the first paragraph from the latest blog entry dated April 28, 2009 and titled "Microsoft Word Within The Home Environment":
"His software calendar features designed to any different simple and customers to make employees that can respond trouble-free. Some of the office Outlook which has management simple and are calendar features that used by outside sources. The email storage, and Microsoft Exchange Server include can respond to utilize this enhanced security allows compromised is protected at all times and to utilize the employee is Microsoft Exchange Server include can allows employees and are notice."

Its like a Microsoft pamphlet went through a chipper shredder! after reading a few more posts I get completely confused and excited.

The structure of the words remains a confusing constant but the Tone of them now starts to shift from post to post. I sense "moods" enough that I begin to question at what point the human hand meets software in this blog and what purpose it serves to its user. It has the effect of listening to the data-stream poetry of the cylon hybrids in BSG. I go back and look at that crazy list of followed blogs on the user profile and check a few. May I present: "An Expert's Guide on Laptop Processor," Blanket," "Easy Power Paint" and "Transcend Memory - Read Reviews, Compare Prices, Check the Latest"

I don't know exaclty what's going on here, but its pretty sweet.
I go back to the original comment left by susan and click the link by her signature. It takes me here:

I noticed the tab for "privacy policy" next to "home" and checked it out:

So I guess it directes to a site that scans my info for. . . purposes. The Recent Posts Tab revealed a series of kinda nonsense paragraphs about the titles but without any substantive links. For example, the tab for Super Mario Online Games led to a self titled page that begins:
"Super Mario Online Games for free are addictive in nature and is not affected by any external factors like recession, job cuts and so on."

I feel like I've stumbled on the spam mail parking complex... and maybe there's people living in it? Why is everything but susan's blog formatted in a way that I don't associate with actual humans? What am I feeling? I haven't been like this since I saw The Room. On the outside looking in.

Susan, if you're reading this, I want to tell you that you've got a rockin blog!

. . . continues soon

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