Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Missing scene from 'Inland Empire'


  1. A celebration of the individual's need for love in a society more and more oppressive to the entities of singular thought and action. Billy Joel should be proud.

  2. you know, thinking about it now, I feel like there might be a link between leland palmer and billy joel. like, take the video for this song.
    Isn't it almost Lynchian at times?

  3. we didn't start the fire? i mean come on right?

  4. I mean your right. It's pretty dead on. I've never even come close to thinking it but in both character design and actions he's pretty much the same dude. He dances, has daughter issues, is considered by most around him to be insane, and beneath it all relies on the excuse for his actions that he is possessed.

    Now that last part is purely manifest from my own interpretation, but I think we all can agree that we'd like to think that's how Billy Joel rationalizes things when he for the third time in a month drives a sports car into the side of a McMansion in the Hamptons while accompanied by a random young tart that strangely resembles his daughter.

    Also, if Billy Joel did have a demon possessing him (not saying he doesn't) he totally would be named Bob and he totally would rape his daughter. I mean she does have Christie Brinkley's genes...